Bybit Requirements

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To be able to use the Copy Trading feature on Bybit you need to have funds in your Bybit Derivatives or Bybit Unified account.

To be able to use the Copy Trading feature your account must have enough balance which will act as collateral for the trading. The cryptocurrency you fund on your Derivatives/Unified account does not have to match the trading pairs, but do note that some cryptocurrencies will have a haircut, see this page for more information.

Below are the steps to transfer funds to your Derivatives/Unified account using the Bybit website. The document assumes you have a verified Bybit account and also have funds in your Bybit Funding or Spot account. The Funding account is your “default” funding account you use when depositing cryptocurrency to Bybit or when purchasing crypto with a card. You can also transfer funds from your Spot account to the Derivatives/Unified account.
All transfers between the Derivatives/Unified account and the funding/spot accounts are free.

First go to the Assets page of your Funding or Spot Account and click on the Transfer button.
A new dialog pops up. In the From you need to select the Account you want to use to transfer cryptocurrency from and in the To select Derivatives or if you have upgraded to Unified Trading then select Unified.
Bybit Transfer Derivatives

Choose the Coin you wish to transfer to your Derivatives/Unified account. You can repeat the steps to transfer more currencies, they will all add up to the total value of your account and act as collateral.
Enter the amount you want to transfer and click Confirm.
Your transfer will be submitted and processed after a few seconds.

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Bybit Requirements

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