Enable Copy Trading

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Now that we are following a Trader, have added a connection to an Exchange and also created a Trade Configuration we can now enable the copy trading feature.

Make sure to have checked the Kraken Requirements document before enabling the Copy Trading features.

On the Settings page locate the Trader you want to enable Copy Trading and click on the name of the Trader.
Fiatbear Traders List

This will expand the settings of the trader. In case you are on the Medium or Pro plan you will see the Copy Trading section. If not then you need to upgrade in case you want to use the Copy Trading feature.

On the bottom two fields you need to select the Exchange you want to do the copy trading on and also select a Trade Configuration that you want to apply for the trading. If you don’t see an Exchange or a Trade Configuration when expanding the drop down then you first need to add them by following these guides.
Fiatbear Trader Copytrading Enabled

If you have selected both the Exchange and the Trade Configuration then the icons on top, next to the Traders its name, should show up. With these icons you can quickly see what Traders you have enabled for Copy Trading and which ones will only send you notifications.

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Enable Copy Trading

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