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To start following a trader and to be able to track their trades we first need to add a connection to a Trader. After connecting one or more traders you can view their positions, receive notifications and setup copy trading. You can add Traders that are trading on Binance and also Traders from the Bitget Exchange. If you want to add a Trader from Bitget you can follow the steps below, for Binance you can use this guide.

Connecting a Trader

  1. Go to the Settings page and in the Traders section Click on “Add a new trader”.
    Fiatbear Settings New Trader

  2. First click on Bitget to activate the Bitget search tab. Then click inside the drop down field so you can start typing
    Bitget Add New Trader

  3. You can add any Trader listed on the Bitget futures copy trading, even those that are already fully subscribed.
    All performance depends on the traders you add here, so it is recommended to spend some time in investigating who performs well. You can also add a couple of different traders and observe their trades on our platform first.
    In this example we are going to add the popular trader VuDucThanhLong.
    Adding Bitget Vuducthanhlong

  4. There are two ways to add the Trader.
    • You can type the name into the Search field. Make sure not to add the right one, and not any imposter.
      Bitget Searching Vuduc

    • Or visit the trader its profile page and then copy the ID from the URL (the section between /trader/ and /futures)
      Bitget Trader Profile

      Then paste the copied section into the search field like this
      Bitget Copy Id

  5. When it resolved the name of the Trader you can press [enter] or click on the name of the trader to select it. After that click on the “Add” button to add the trader to your account.
    Bitget Add Trader

  6. The trader should now be visible in your Traders list
    Bitget Trader Available

Once the trader has been processed by the system you can view their Positions in real-time. To get a signal for every Order they make you can setup Notifications in Telegram or Discord. To enable copy trading you can refer to this documentation.

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Add a New Bitget Trader

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