Discord Notifications

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On Discord you can receive notifications of every position change your favorite traders make. To make this work we need to create a Webhook for a Channel and then enter the Webhook URL into the Settings.
Discord Notification

Create Webhook

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the channel where you want to receive webhook notifications. You can also create a new channel.

  2. Click on the gear icon next to the channel name.
    Discord Gear

  3. Select “Integrations” from the menu and click on “Create Webhook”.
    Discord Create Webhook

  4. Discord has now created a new placeholder webhook which we need to edit. Click on the arrow button.
    Discord Show Webhook

  5. In the “Webhook Name” field, enter a name for your webhook. This name will be displayed in the channel when the webhook sends a message. Optionally you can also upload an image, this will also be displayed when the webhook sends a message. Click on “Save Changes”
    Discord Edit Webhook

  6. Click the “Copy Webhook URL” button to copy the URL to your clipboard. This URL is unique to your webhook and will be used to send messages to the channel.
    Discord Copy Webhook

  7. On the Fiat Bear Settings page you can paste the Webhook URL into the Discord section. Don’t forget to press the “Update” button.
    Discord Settings

  8. After the settings are saved you can use the “Test Discord” button to test if the webhook works. If everything is all right then you should get a message posted by your new webhook.
    Discord Test Message

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Discord Notifications

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