Orders Page

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The orders page shows the history of the trades that your traders made. If you want to check all the open positions then you can view the positions page.

Fiatbear Orders

Lets explain the columns that are visible on this page.

TimeThe time the order was executed
TraderThe name of trader that did the order
ActionCan be one of these actions:
open – a new position was opened.
close – the position was closed.
increase – the position was increased in size, more crypto was bought.
decrease – the position was decreased in size, some crypto was sold.
PairThe cryptocurrency pair that was used. Also shows how much leverage was used.
AmountHow much crypto was used for the order. In case it is a decrease/increase order it will shows “old amount” → “new amount”
Entry PriceThe average price of the cryptocurrency when this position was opened or increased.
Market PriceThe current price of the cryptocurrency. The Market price shown is from the Binance feed.
Open PnLThe unrealized profit or loss in USD. In case the position would be closed then this is the approximate profit or loss that would be realized.
Realized PnLThe realized profit or loss in USD. In case it was a close or a decrease order then the $ amount of profits (green) or losses (red) would be visible in this column.
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Orders Page

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