Positions Page

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The positions page shows all the active positions of the traders you follow. Only the currently open positions are visible here. If you want to check the order history you can check the orders page.

Fiatbear Positions

Lets explain the columns that are visible on this page.

OpenedThe time when the trader first opened this position
PairThe cryptocurrency pair the trader opened.
This will always show a cryptocurrency combined with a USD denominated currency.
Next to the pair shows the leverage used. For example if it shows 10x then the position was opened with 10 times leverage.
AmountThe amount of the cryptocurrency that this position represents. It also shows if the position was a Long or a Short position.
Entry priceThe average price of the cryptocurrency when this position was opened or increased.
Market priceThe current price of the cryptocurrency. The Market price shown is from the Binance feed.
Open PnLThe unrealized profit or loss in USD. In case the position would be closed then this is the approximate profit or loss that would be realized.
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Positions Page

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