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Follow professional traders around the world and ethically steal their portfolios in real-time

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Trading Signals

View live orders and positions of your selection of traders. Get real-time trader notifications.

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Copy Trading

Stay on top of your go-to traders latest positions and automatically follow their proven strategies.

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See what can you get with FiatBear

Tools and Features description:

  • Instant real-time notifications.
  • Automatic trading 24/7.
  • Choose Traders from the Binance or Bitget leaderboard.
  • Futures copy trading.
  • Automate stop-loss, max $ position, ratios and other features.
  • Trade both short and long strategies.
  • Unlimited coin pairs.
  • Track all order history.
  • View live positions.
  • Notifications on Telegram and Discord.

Reasons to choose FiatBear

These are 6 out of many reasons to choose us

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Our latest system ensures a high return on investments.

It keeps a strict eye on top traders to never miss their future gains.

It lowers the risk involved in Crypto investments to skyrocket your profits.

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You get an end-to-end encrypted security system with FiatBear - Signals and Copy Trading.

Your investments are highly secure and safe with this amazing system.

We never ask for access to your Crypto investments.

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Insanely Fast

Our tracking and the corresponding system are super-fast.

That means it monitors the real-time positions of highly experienced traders and gets you notified immediately.

Quickly copies their strategies to make you partner in their future profits.

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Access to the powerful FiatBear - Signals and Copy Trading system is incredibly low compared to the market.

Anyone can afford this game-changing system to easily grow their Crypto assets.

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Get Interactions
with Pro-Traders

Get real-time interaction with top-performing traders to share their best experiences over the years.

Become a future-pro trader by following their strategies constantly.

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A Simplified

FiatBear - Signals and Copy Trading is a massively simple and easy-to-use system.

It makes your Crypto journey an easy experience.

Trading Signals

  • Follow the top-ranking traders from the Binance or Bitget leaderboard
  • Get quick alerts about your followed traders latest positions to minimize risk and maximize profits.
  • Deeply analyze their changed positions and profit history to get the best experience in Crypto.
  • Receive instant notifications to stay on top of the cash-making techniques.
  • You can get immediate signals both in Telegram and Discord.
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Copy Trading

  • By signing up for Copy Trading, you can easily get the strategies of top-performing Binance and Bitget traders.
  • Effortlessly follow the proven techniques of "cash-cow" traders to share their future gains.
  • To give you a secure experience, we'll copy their techniques on your behalf.
  • That means you'll get the risk-free and latest information to be used on your secure account.
  • 24/7 live positions tracking system empowers our customers to make smart decisions and avert the risk.

Experience our winning streak! Explore some recently closed trades that demonstrate the power of FiatBear's trading platform.

Pricing Plan

Affordable Plans to Fit Your Needs.

Medium plan
Try 7 days for free, then



  • Trading Signals
  • 1-10 Traders
  • Copy Trading
  • Max 50 Trades Per Month
  • Limited Trading Configs
Pro plan
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  • Trading Signals
  • 1-25 Traders
  • Copy Trading
  • Unlimited Trades
  • All Trading Features


Find the Answers You Need with Our Comprehensive FAQs.

FiatBear offers Signals for every position a trader opens, closes or changes. You can select one or multiple traders you want to receive notifications on. You can find these top traders on the Binance leaderboard or the Bitget website.
Besides Signals we also offer Copy Trading. It is the most profitable and fast way to copy all the trades made by your favorite traders and execute them on your account, so you benefit directly from their experiences.

All the trades made by the traders are grabbed as-is. So you will get instant notifications of exactly the position and orders of the trades that are made. When you are using copy trading you will have several options to customize the trades.

No, all we need is an API key with trade permissions. You don't have to send us any money or crypto for trading and we cannot withdraw your funds. Our software will do the trades on your account.

For Signals you can use any exchange you prefer like Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, KuCoin etc. In case you want to use our automatic Copy Trading system then you can rely on our integration with Kraken, a US regulated Exchange or Bybit, an Exchange with a lot of volume.

You bet. If you want to earn a passive income then you should consider using the Copy Trading feature. You can use the Trading Signals to analyze the traders and manually copy their trades.

Yes, all the plans are billed monthly.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

For sure! We do the heavy lifting and execute the trades for you. You only have to go through the initial configuration. No worries, we will help you with that.

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